About Half Halt

HALF HALT, founded by Adrienne Romine, produces high-end, hand crafted furniture and bespoke cabinetry for residential clients along with boutique office and hospitality spaces. Our style brings warmth to contemporary minimal silhouettes. Our intention is to make furniture that balances simple shapes with splashes of unexpected detail that will inspire a quiet moment of joy in those who use it. We get ideas from long walks and found shapes while drawing inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian interiors. We fully believe in the maxim “buy less, choose well, make it last.” and make furniture that is easily maintained and built to last a lifetime.

About Adrienne

Romine was homeschooled in a family that valued international travel as a way to learn about the world. By the time she was 22, she had traveled to 14 countries. During those formative years, she participated as a contestant on a Turkish game show and traveled alone to Beijing for a five week artist residency. She credits those adventures, among others, with teaching her to delight in new experiences and approach them with curiosity.

Armed with a BFA in painting from the University of Central Florida, she worked as a window display artist for Anthropologie. There she encountered power tools and began building in 3D. She realized she preferred projects that lasted longer than a retail season which led her to assist in a custom furniture studio in Orlando, Florida for two years. She went on to Austin, Texas and shortly launched HALF HALT’s first product line. Since then, HALF HALT has produced custom furniture for interior designers Christina Cole & Co, Lindsay Todd Design and Spruce.


Half Halt is a term derived from equestrian sports, meaning a quick pause while in motion to regain balance. In the context of furniture design, it’s all about thoughtful intention. Most of the studios ideas, both playful and problem-solving,  result from moments spent walking in nature, gazing out the window or sitting with eyes closed. Making time for contemplation, even for just five to seven minutes, is essential for aligning with Romine’s overall intention and choosing the best for her clients and the environment.